Limited Edition Manon Ballotin, 500g

  • €24,00

Discover our limited edition and classic Manon chocolates in our iconic ballotin that holds approx. 30 chocolates.

Each ballotin contains a selection of the following 8 chocolates: 

  • Manon Speculoos - white chocolate shell with speculoos buttercream, and praline with crushed biscuit on top
  • Manon café serré - white chocolate shell with strong coffee buttercream, praline and a coffee bean
  • Manon caramel blond - blond chocolate with caramel buttercream, praline and a pinch of salt
  • Manon ruby - ruby chocolate shell with raspberry buttercream, praline and small pieces of raspberries
  • Manon café - white, milk or dark chocolate with coffee buttercream, praline and a whole hazelnut
  • Manon blanc - white chocolate with coffee buttercream and praline
Weight: 500g