Leonidas commits to a sustainable future

At Leonidas we place the future of the planet and the satisfaction of our customers on an equal footing. Every day, we do all we can to produce chocolates and pralines in the most environmentally responsible way possible

We are aware that the road is still a long one, but we have already undertaken several steps and made changes that allow us to attain our objective: to contribute to leaving future generations a world that is more sustainable.

The expertise of local producers

We make it a priority to use local products and promote local distribution channel as much as possible. For butter and cream, we can rely on the skill of local producers who provide us with products of unchanging quality. 

Even if some ingredients come from outside Belgium (like cocoa), we abide by the highest quality standards in the production of our chocolates.

    Recycle rather than discard

    We want to do all we can to limit as far as possible the waste we discard. It was with this in mind that, for several years now, our food waste has been transformed into animal feed. 

    After having made our chocolate, there are always some ingredients left over that we can no longer use to make other products. Yet these foods are perfectly edible. Rather than discard them, we have opted to give them to associations that shelter animals and to breeders. 

    Sustainable Cocoa

    Since 1 October 2021, we at Leonidas are using certified cocoa to make our chocolates. A transition that makes perfect sense, given that since 1913 we have been striving to create moments of happiness for everyone with chocolate.

    Thanks to this certification, the living and working conditions of 2.450 cocoa growers and their families have been improved. 

    By supporting a fair and stable wage for the growers, we participate in our own way in building a better world for humanity and the planet.

    For more happiness and because Leonidas chocolates wish to be accessible to everyone, we assume all the costs involved in this commitment to sustainable cocoa without increasing our retail prices.

    Three labels, one spirit

    The programmes of the Rainforest Alliance and of Cocoa Horizons offer excellent guarantees for sustainable cocoa. This is why we have chosen to sign up to them when we began this process.

    These two labels are intended to enhance the standard of living of growers by improving the quality and yield of their production, to protect children and eliminate deforestation.

    At the same time, we have signed the ‘Beyond Chocolate’ charter, a Belgian initiative that commits participants to fight actively against deforestation and to offer a decent income to cocoa growers.  


    Our packaging is a wrap!

    Not only is the cocoa in our chocolate of sustainable origin, but the same is true of our packaging. Most it are already in line with the requirements of sustainable entrepreneurship. For example, the majority of our cardboard/paper packaging are FSC-certified. The FSC labels guarantee that the material or product comes from verified and sustainable sources that have met rigorous environmental and social requirements. 

    By purchasing our products, you have chosen sustainability and, like us, show your willingness to put humanity and the environment at the centre of our decisions. 

    At the same time, we have reorganised the production of the majority of our packaging in order to work with local companies, while also reducing our environmental footprint. 

    Plastic follows its cycle!

    For some of our packaging - in particular, what is found inside the boxes - we are still using plastic. But in this case, we take care to use only PET or polypropylene, made up of at least 50% recycled materials. 

    Unlike PVC, used in many other domains, PET is respectful of the environment and is 100% recyclable. Moreover, because of its partial toxicity, PVC is not suitable for food packaging. For this reason, we have chosen to favour PET to package our chocolates and confectionery. Sometimes we also use polypropylene, a mass consumption plastic that is often used for the manufacturing of food containers and packaging that is recyclable. 

    A glance at our packaging...

    Made in Belgium, our iconic ballotin is made of cardboard covered in a thin layer of aluminium, which lends it a lovely golden tint. The aluminium surface represents less than 5% of the total weight, and so the ballotin is perfectly recyclable. 

    Cardboard boxes are FSC-certified and therefore environmentally responsible. The blisters inside the boxes are made of PET, a material that is made with at least 50% recycled plastic. And like our ballotins, our boxes and blisters are made in Belgium.

    Cardboard decorations are not film-coated, and are therefore 100% recyclable and are made in Belgium. 

    Our signature Leonidas carrier bag is recycable, except for the straps which can be removed.

    Cello bags are made of polypropylene and are recyclable.

    Packing peanuts used for online orders are made from GM Free starch that is 100% compostable. So they are reusable, recyclable, or can be dissolved in water.