Delivery Included On All Orders


What Geographical areas do you cover?

We only dispatch to within the island of Ireland (32 counties) only.
No overseas deliveries.


What are the total costs?

We do not charge for packaging & postage. The price we quote is the total inclusive price.


How long will it take for the order to arrive?

We will only dispatch our orders from Monday to Wednesday.
Over 90% will arrive within 2 days of ordering.
If you order on Thursdays / Fridays, delivery will take 4 to 5 days.


What allergens do Leonidas Chocolates contain?
List of Allergens:

Present in all or some of our products:

Nuts; hazelnuts,almonds,walnuts,pistachio,coconut.
Traces of Peanut
Dairy Ingredients
Traces of milk proteins, Milk derivatives (incl. lactose)
Cereals (Wheat, etc. )
Sesame Seeds
Sulfites ( > 10ppm)

Absent in all of our products:

Fish / shell fish


Do Leonidas Chocolates contain alcohol?

Yes, some of our chocolates contain alcohol as a preservative and/or flavouring.


Are Leonidas chocolates suitable for Vegetarians?



Are Leonidas Chocolates suitable of Vegans?



What selection will I get?

You can choose between 5 selections & 3 different sizes:

All Dark,
All Milk,
All White,
Mixture - Dark, Milk & White,
Mixture - Milk & White( No Dark).

Petite    450g à 30 Chocolates in 3 Layers
Indulge 675g à 45 Chocolates in 4 Layers
Delux    900g à 62  Chocolates in 4 Layers
( Packed by weight ~ Number of chocolates may vary )

We will pack the box, containing the more popular chocolates, based on our experience at our shop. No two selections will be the same – Each Box will be individually filled with a selection of Fresh Creams, Truffles, and Pralines centres.   


What is the best way to store Leonidas Chocolates?

Leonidas Chocolates should be stored at 15deg to 18deg Celsius (room temperature), in a dry area, free from odours, away from heat sources and out of direct sunlight. If you store Leonidas Chocolates in a fridge, it may cause the chocolate to bloom (discolouration of the chocolate surface), due to the very low temperature and excessive moisture.


How long do Leonidas Chocolates last?

They should be consumed within 1 week. It is not so much a question of how long they last. It is more that they should be consumed when they are fresh (the fresher the better).